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Scott is a full fledged pizza junkie and in his travels as a contractor, has visited no less than 500 pizza places in 31 states. He has suggested several pizza combinations and is extremely talented taking care of our social media accounts.

Jerry has worked in every facet of the restaurant business and owned a restaurant in 1976-78.  He graduated from the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. His talent with food is a blessing and he's able to make tasty, delicious and unique entrees from recipes or suggestions. When people talk about "thinking outside of the box", neither he nor Scott have seen the box...


The primary vision of Holy Smokes Pizza is charity, as in love. We will strive to generate funds for designated charitable organizations. Some of the organizations such as breast and prostate cancer, child abuse and the Christ Child are groups we anticipate assisting. The initial proceeds will be used to upgrade and renovate the kitchen at Historic St. Paul's Memorial UMC where we intend to host some of our pizza parties. We will also be honored to cater other charitable functions. In the future, plans are in the works for making the Social Hall, Great Hall and the kitchen open for outside entities to host events.


Genesis of Holy smokes pizza

While experimenting with some pizza recipes, in the kitchen at St. Paul's Memorial UMC in South Bend, we picked a pizza sauce recipe from the internet and went to work manipulating the ingredients. After one of the earlier pizza tastings, Scott, my pizza expert and connoisseur made the comment, "Holy smokes that's a great pizza!" and a new pizza brand was conceived.  We firmly believe our research has culminated in one of the tastiest sauces and perfect texture pizza crusts you can eat. It was over two years we first had the pleasure testing Holy Smokes Pizzas.  As it is with many business concepts we are long on visions and are short on capital. 

Jerry Aufrance B.S. HRM '89 

University of Houston

 Conrad N. Hilton College

Hotel and Restaurant Management

We are an up and coming pizza brand currently

available only for special events.

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